If Honeywell Noodles Sponsored a Nigerian Club

Hate it or love it, the Honeywell Noodles ‘Ipod Boy’ (a.k.a. “Bam Bam la la”) advert is catchy. Whether a little child dancing along to the television commercial; or an adult singing along while stuck in traffic, the advert really does leave an impression. Anyway, this is not about the success level of Honeywell Noodles’ attempt to wrest a share of the noodles market from Indomie; rather it is a thought about creative ways to encourage brand sponsorship, especially in Nigerian domestic football.

We all love it when we see goal scorers celebrate with the likes of ‘Etighi’ and ‘Azonto’ dance steps. So, what if a goal is scored and the goal scorer’s teammates trail him to the touchline where they replicate the ‘Bam Bam la-la’ choreography? Whether you would find it funny or annoying, it surely would be memorable. However, that would not be without Honeywell first of all paying something to the club to have their brand printed on the club’s matchday jerseys. Or perhaps, with the innovative sponsorship types emerging in the world today, we could even have ‘goal celebration sponsorships’. Of course, the more prolific in front of goal the team is, the better the deal is for the sponsors. However, one wouldn’t expect every single goal to be celebrated in that fashion, otherwise it could get pretty boring. After all, not all football-watching adults are noodles fans anyway.

The point here is – domestic clubs should figure out creative ways to get brands to sponsor them without having to go cap-in-hand begging. With the hassles encountered by clubs in meeting the registration requirements ahead of the current season, it is clear that these clubs need enhanced financing and it is up to their administrators and not sports-loving brands.

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